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How to install skins for CSS v34
Installing skins for v34

Skin installation for CS:Source v34 explained

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Installing skins for v92

How to properly install skins for CS:Source v92+

Switch to right hand in CSS
Left hand fix

How to fix left handed weapons in Counter Strike: Source explained

Cheats for Counter-Strike: Source

Which of the players does not know what a cheat is or has not tried to play with it? The game portal Smash-Cs has hacks in its assortment for every taste and preference. If you download AIM for Counter-Strike: Source, then you will get an indispensable opportunity to kill opponents with just one shot, and even in the head. The cheat helps you aim, and in some versions it also automatically shoots for you, which will make your game very funny. We also have WallHack, by downloading which you will be able to see your opponents and your players through all the textures of the map. This opens up endless possibilities for the game. Now you can calculate the game to the smallest detail, thereby pleasantly surprising your allies and upsetting your opponents. If you love jumping but get bored of pressing the space bar, the way out is to download Bunnyhop for CSS. Bunny Hop makes jumping automatic with a single press of the space bar. Our hacks are able to bypass many server security elements in the Source engine (anti-cheats), so you will stay on the server to continue your death race. Most importantly, you can download cheats for all versions of CS:S. Download cheats for CSS v34 and v92 for free and without registration on our website.