CSSO Black inventory

11 556 11 02.11.2021 в 11:16

Hello, today i gonna release a new skin pack for CSSO with all black/dark skins . this pack dont include knives skins , also only have 2 gloves texture (Sport gloves and Bloodhund gloves) the list of skins are here:

CZ-75 Midnight Palm
Desert Eagle Conspiracy
Dual Berettas Elite 1.6
Fiveseven Silver Quartz
Glock-18 Catacombs
HK P2000 Panther Camo
P250 Dark Filigree
R8 Revolver Reboot
Tec-9 Cut Out
USP-S Dark Water
AK-47 Slate
AUG Wings
AWP Graphite
Famas Djinn
G3SG1 Ventilator
Galil AR Urban Rubble
M4A1-S Dark Water
M4A4 Mainframe
Scar-20 Carbon Fiber
SG 553 Ultraviolet
SSG08 Dark Water
Mac10 Whitefish
MP5sd Nitro
MP7 Nemesis
MP9 Dark Age
P90 Elite Build
Bizon Carbon Fiber
UMP-45 Metal Flowers
Nova Graphite
Sawed-off Bamboo Shadow
XM1014 Blue Tire
M249 O.S.I.P.R.
Negev Ultralight
Sport Gloves | Nocts
Bloodhound Gloves | Charred

Credits: Ali Elite Crew , Pimon , Valve
Youtube video music: Aero Chord & Anuka - Incomplete [NCS Release]
if you guys enjoyed this skin pack , please press on the like button , thanks alot .

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    крутой мод, мне нравится
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    однозначно +rep
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      Ali Elite Crew
      Автор материала
        00:27, 03.11.2021
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    очень красивый мод,+rep
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    видео 2 fps
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      Ali Elite Crew
      Автор материала
        11:00, 04.11.2021
      YES sadly is it , this is cuz of my bad PC , SORRY for that mate
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    Крутой пак ганов
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    awesome pack, black is good <3
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    сделай этот пак на v91
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    Сделай для v91+, пожалуйста
    пак топ
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    para que version es este pack de armas ?