Custom UMP-45 PACK FOR css (v34-91)

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Hello people, today I'm releasing a new custom skin pack with all UMP-45 skins for Counter-Strike Source (model will work on all versions but shine will not be good on older versions), this pack includes 15 custom skins each with different custom patterns. To install it, you must copy "models", "materials", "scripts" and "sounds", then you have to chose a skin in "Chose skin" folder, there is a screenshot for each skin for preview. and after choosing the skin you should replace the skin material.
special thanks to PiMoN for helping me with releasing this video on YouTube.

Credits: Цветик:D (models), PiMoN (arms textures and uploading video on YouTube), Ali Elite Crew (porting custom skins), Valve

Youtube music: Perfect 10 [NCS Release]

Here is the list of custom skins:

UMP-45 | Phoenix Blacklight
UMP-45 | PAW
UMP-45 | Meltdown
UMP-45 | Crimson Kimono
UMP-45 | Bengal Tiger
UMP-45 | Music Box
UMP-45 | Lab Rats
UMP-45 | Vault Heist
UMP-45 | Catacombs
UMP-45 | Baroque Orange
UMP-45 | Neon Kimono
UMP-45 | Nuclear Garden
UMP-45 | Cut Out
UMP-45 | Orange Anolis

Let me know what you think about this work and feel free to give me any suggestions about what to do next in the comments. If you enjoyed this skin pack please press on the like button. thanks !
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      Ali Elite Crew
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        22:08, 07.11.2021
      thank you sir! <3