de_cache_rework (Final) v34+ 2021

7 926 6 01.10.2021 в 21:26

We present the Final version of the Cache map for CSS ported from CSGO.

The competitive and playability aspects have been taken care of with respect to the original, as well as the optimization for its massive use.
Its setting is inspired by the abandoned sites surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, so the vegetation and green is abundant.
We hope you enjoy this map!

Creator: Avilas
Tester: Venom
Date: 01/10
Size: 45 MB

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  1. avatar
    v91 için yokmu??
  2. avatar
    The map looks amazing, can you make the "Ancient" map?
  3. avatar
    can u make acient and new dust 2 please , this map looks amazing bro
  4. avatar
    на 91 работает нормально
  5. avatar
    gma   21:16, 02.04.2022
    проверил на всех версиях работает но лучше на 92 версии
  6. avatar
    Make CSGO De vertigo for v34