Aim Botz Training for CS 1.6

3 769 0 11/26/2022, 23:02

The aim_botz map is often used by professional players to practice accuracy and speed of fire. Now the location has been adapted from CS:GO for Counter-Strike 1.6, which cannot but please fans of the legendary CS 1.6. When loading the map, you spawn in the center in a small cover. A control panel is available nearby, with which you can add obstacles in front of the bots and additional targets. It is also possible to select any weapon - to do this, press the "E" key or shoot at the desired weapon. Throughout the map there are bots on which you can practice your AIM.

We guarantee this mod will 100% work on the game build from our site,
so we recommend to download cs 1.6 - identical to the Steam build and configured for comfortable gaming.

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