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AWP for Counter-Strike: Source

According to statistics, almost every player cannot do without this sniper rifle. Therefore, we have created a section where you can get a new AWP for CSS. The models we upload are made according to high quality standards, so even the most demanding visitor will like them. The most dominant model section is CS:GO skins with a unique inspect animation that adds a bit of variety and beauty to the game. After all, it is thanks to the inspection that you can carefully examine the design of the desired AWP for CS:S v34. We try to make each skin more interesting and love the attention to detail, so we add features such as a mirrored scope lens, realistic animations, and shooting effects. You can download AWP for Counter-Strike: Source for free and for all versions of the game from our website. Smash-Cs team also cares about the performance of the posted models, so you don't have to worry about any bugs because our AWP does not fall into the floor, does not break the game, and does not cause a ping increase. Often, you may come across unusual skins in combination with custom gloves or combos of more classic mods.

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