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M4A1 for Counter-Strike: Source

Do you like to play for the Counter-Terrorist team? Then you will definitely need M4A1 for CSS. Such a rifle has several firing modes, namely with and without a silencer. In the first case, you will be more accurate and silent, but then your damage will be slightly reduced. Speaking about the weapons from our website, I can note the presence of a fairly wide selection, from CS:GO skins to default models. Many of them are equipped with inspection, StatTrak or name tag, many are decorated with beautiful textures. It's important to add that we stock skins with stickers or custom paint jobs that look great in Counter-Strike: Source. In addition to M4A1-S, we also have M4A4 models that will surprise you with their quality. You can download M4A1 for CSS both for installation on v34 and for current versions of CS: Source. This is all because we always check weapons on the game client before uploading, and fix all the shortcomings to the maximum.