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AK47 for Counter-Strike: Source

For fans of powerful weapons that shoot well both at short and long distances, we regularly post the AK47 for CSS. It is available on our site in wide abundance, from models from popular games or amateur developments to high-quality skins from CS:GO. Excellent examples are the following AK-47s, which are represented by many options for every taste and color, namely: Vulcan, Bloodsport, Fire Serpent, Neon Revolution, and others. You can download AK-47 for CS:S both with cool stickers and in standard form. We also provide a large variety of gloves and hand textures to create a beautiful combination with the skin. In my opinion, by installing our mods, you not only introduce novelty into your gameplay, but also get a slight advantage over other players because playing with a suitable weapon is much more pleasant and convenient. When adding files, we always pay attention to such important elements as recoil, flash, and smoke when firing, the presence of ejected shells, and w-models. By uploading AK47 for CSS v34, we take care of the compatibility of the mod with any patches and versions of the game, whether it's a licensed or pirated one. Also, the machines downloaded from us are available both for playing offline with bots and for visiting online Counter-Strike: Source servers.

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