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Installing skins for v34

Skin installation for CS:Source v34 explained

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Knife for Counter-Strike: Source

I welcome you to the cozy section of our website, where you can download the knife for CSS. We provide a fairly wide selection of files, ranging from models from CS:GO to various ports from any other games, so that we will be able to please players with a wide variety of tastes and interests. Our main feature is that we have laid out knives for CS:S v34, and for new versions of Counter-Strike: Source, namely v91 and higher. The development team works hard on quality, and puts out full-fledged mods that include natural shine, original animations, realistic sounds and a comfortable FOV. We make full reviews of our knife models, uploading the most beautiful screenshots, informative video reviews and a useful description, which indicates the main features of the publication, as well as a list of authors. It is worth noting that the main emphasis is on the knife skins for CSS, which are complemented by combinations with suitable CS:GO gloves. We have a variety of skins to choose from, such as Fade, Crimson Web, Slaughter, Case Hardened, and many camouflage textures. I want to emphasize that they are all made in a wide variety of colors, with StatTrak modules and a third-person view.

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