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How to install skins for CSS v34
Installing skins for v34

Skin installation for CS:Source v34 explained

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Installing skins for v92

How to properly install skins for CS:Source v92+

Switch to right hand in CSS
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Weapon pack for Counter-Strike: Source

We make weapon packs for CSS that contain many different models in one download so that players don't have to find the best ones individually. I can say with confidence that our site is the best in this direction. There are several facts that can prove it: First, when making a large pack, we carefully check every weapon in the game. This helps us identify and fix all bugs, both online and when playing with bots. Secondly, we try to publish only the highest quality skins that contain all the necessary elements, including the inspect, realistic animations, good FOV, beautiful shine, pleasant sounds, and much more. Thirdly, we develop mostly unique CSS packs thanks to our talented authors. Well, our most important feature is that we often create CS:GO mods for CS:S, in which there are always original gloves. Such mods differ from regular assemblies by the presence of not only weapon models but also of original interface elements, player skins, and a variety of sound effects (radio commands, walking sounds, music in the main menu). Finally, I want to emphasize that our gun model packs for Counter-Strike: Source are made for all versions, that is, for v34 and for current versions (Steam and Non-Steam).

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