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Player models for Counter-Strike: Source

Upgrading the player skins in Counter-Strike: Source will allow you to stand out from the main mass of opponents and teammates. Custom characters are also a help in the game, as some models are better seen in certain situations, for example, in poor lighting, and the increased dimensions will allow you to see the opponent through parts of obstacles, such as boxes. We are introducing special skins for VIP players, which will help them stand out and earn you money. We provide only high-quality versions of CSS models that you can download at high speed. Furthermore, we have player skins for specific categories, such as terrorists, hostages, and zombies, which you can download. Player models ported from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will surprise your server visitors or just be a nice addition for you. We provide not only different factions and teams, but also custom CS:GO agents that have a big price in Steam, but you can freely use them in Source. The player models on our website will fit any version of the CS:S game, both v34 and v91 (and higher). On Smash-Cs, which is dedicated to CS: Source, you can download CSS models for free and without registering.