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Installing skins for CS 1.6
Installing skins for CS 1.6

Skins installation for Counter Strike 1.6 explained in detail

How to install cfg for CS 1.6
Installing configs for CS 1.6

Config installation for Counter Strike 1.6 explained

Default weapon models CS 1.6
Default weapons pack for CS 1.6

Restoring default models, skins and sounds in Counter Strike 1.6

AWP for Counter-Strike 1.6

The AWP is the most popular weapon in Counter-Strike 1.6 (and other versions of the shooter) among snipers, as it deals the highest damage. Only one shot to the body will be enough to kill the enemy. Most players who play for fun in CS 1.6 download various skins for this weapon.
Here you can download the most popular and cool AWP skins for CS 1.6: BOOM, Lightning Strike, Neo-Noir, Fade, Electric Hive, Dragon Lore, Redline, Medusa, Asiimov, Hyper Beast, and others.
To a greater extent, the most popular skins for CS 1.6 at the moment are skins from CS: GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive).
Come to our website and download cool models for AWP in Counter-Strike 1.6 for free and without registration.