Map go_vertigo_classic for CS 1.6

2 956 0 06/29/2022, 23:34

We are laying out for you the map Vertigo from CS:GO for CS 1.6. This is a more updated and modern version, which is as close as possible to the original. The author made a remake in which he combined all the best of the existing developments in this location. Now it is more colorful and varied, as well as easy to play. There are three versions in the archive:

  • go_vertigo_classic
  • go_vertigo_classic_pub (with obstacles for throwing grenades, needed if players abuse hacks)
  • de_vertigo_classic (optimized for weak PCs, as well as for the mobile version of the game)

We also want to note the presence of improved paths for bots, thanks to which it will be much more interesting to play with them.

We guarantee this mod will 100% work on the game build from our site,
so we recommend to download cs 1.6 - identical to the Steam build and configured for comfortable gaming.

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