M4A1-S "Ravager" for CS 1.6

3 831 0 05/21/2021, 17:30
Model M4A1-S "Decimator" from CS:GO case "Spectre" is looking forward to your download! As you can see from the screenshots, this weapon is made in HD quality and looks just bombastic, fitting well into the atmosphere of any maps in CS 1.6. Finally, we want to point out to you the bundle of this skin: three copies in the archive (v*, w* and p*), new m4a1 sounds from cs go. How to install M4A1-S "Ravager" for CS 1.6?
We guarantee this mod will 100% work on the game build from our site,
so we recommend to download cs 1.6 - identical to the Steam build and configured for comfortable gaming.

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