Blue Weapon Skins Pack from CS:GO for CS 1.6

17 359 0 06/28/2022, 19:11

You will definitely love this mini-pack of blue skins from CS:GO for CS 1.6! All of them are made in HD quality, and perfectly match the textures of the hands. We present a complete list of all weapon models in this inventory:

  • M9 Bayonet Gamma Waves (Phase 4)
  • Desert Eagle Rusty Cobalt
  • XM1014 Mixed blue camo
  • Galil AR Equanimity
  • M4A1-S Nightmare
  • AWP Medusa

Each of the above guns has P/W models (third-person view), as well as original sounds from cs go.

Deagle inspection is manual, to turn it on you need to hold R after emptying the clip.

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