Standard player models for CS 1.6

2 284 0 08/13/2021, 11:00
We present to your attention standard player models for CS 1.6. They are an indispensable thing in the life of any player who often downloads new skins. It may happen that after installing the next set of characters, your cs will stop running, or you just don't like the quality of the downloaded material. Also, you may just get bored with all these non-standard models, and there will be a desire to return to your favorite classics. At the same time, reinstalling the assembly itself is reluctant. To solve all these problems, we have collected a pack of ordinary player skins for you (all special forces and terrorists are included).

As a bonus, standard hostage models for cs 1.6 have been added to the archive.
We guarantee this mod will 100% work on the game build from our site,
so we recommend to download cs 1.6 - identical to the Steam build and configured for comfortable gaming.

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