AK-47 Wild Lotus for CSS v92+

10 921 0 09/15/2022, 22:05

Hello everyone. today I will release a new combo for Ak-47 with green colors. 

"AK-47 Wild Lotus" with "Moto Gloves Turtle

Credits: INSOMNIA, Kudi, Ali Elite Crew, VALVe

I know it would be better to use green CT sleeves too, but I prefer bare arms due to that AK-47 is a weapon for the T side and no T agent uses green sleeves, so I decided to use bare arms for this submission.

I hope you enjoy this skin! if so, please press the like button below here!
also, it makes me happy to see your ideas about the current skin or suggestions for future skins in the comments
Have a good day!

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