Deagle | Modern Warfare 2019 (CS:GO RIG) for CS:S v92

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This Deagle was ported from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019
Empty and Standard versions are included (Full and normal reload + reach)
Both versions work stably online
+There is support for attachments due to all working bones
+Ability to change CSGO gloves
+Original gunshot sounds
+Ik is available (was included for additional animations to work)
+Separated VMT on the Bloodhound glove model to adjust the shine on individual metal parts
-Without inspection on idle, but idle_activity came instead
-Without world models

Select one desired version from the archive (folder) and extract to custom

Your graphics card must support DX9 or higher!

I'll answer the possible questions right away
1) "Why only DX9?"
-Because CSGO compiler studiomdl only supports DX9 build

2) "But why CSGO compilation if there is CS:S?"
-CSGO compiler has more limits for example for bones (256) when CS:S only (128)
+Support for more polygonal models for compilation
That is, the CS:S compiler does not fully compile this model it can due to its limits
The model built on the CSGO compiler calmly accepts CS:S BUT, provided that the maximum limit of bones is not exceeded to the very maximum (depends on $bonemerge - $defainbones and $attachments created from it)

Stomatolog - retrieving all assets from the game, tweaking textures, shine, initial transfer to CSGO and transfer from CSGO base to CS:S
Lutzz - CSGO rig, sound mix and general help
Scobalula is the creator of the Call of Duty Extractor "Greyhound"
Activision, High Moon Studios, Raven Software, Beenox, Sledgehammer Games - The original developers of MW19

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