TEC-9 • Covenant

3 473 0 09/26/2021, 17:18

I haven't sponsored you anything interesting for a long time, I'm in a hurry to fix it. In this material, an extremely attractive model awaits you, it stands out favorably among the rest for many. Minimalistic and slightly futuristic texture style, which does not prevent it from looking realistic and solid. To enhance the effect of realism, a texture relief was added, as well as a beautiful and competent metallic sheen. Also supplied the model with new hands.

• Inspection animation, original animations, comfortable position, CS GO sounds.
• Realistic skin, texture in 2k resolution and excellent quality, suitable gloss.
• Let's add normal, flash and smoke to the common jokes.
• The model is not adapted for all versions.
• Replaces Dual Elites.
• Obersturm Arms installed.

• Port model - Hidari.
• Skin author - axerov.
• Port skin, arms, shine & other - Baron Samadi.

Screenshots are compressed.
Enjoy your game!

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