2 015 0 06/28/2022, 20:00

I am publishing a new weapon from WOW, this time the legendary sword of the Lich King - Frostmourne.
Frostmourne is out for blood!
• Simple animations, comfortable position.
• Beautiful weapon, wowlike, chic quality.
• Of the auxiliary buns, we note the presence of a normal and a chilling shine.
• The model was not adapted for all versions, as there is a ClientMod*

• Original concept - Blizzard .
• Authors - Kult & Th3Notoriouscss.

*Clientmod is a modified version of CSS V34 that will allow you to install models of new versions, new and complete shaders, a lot of graphical and technical improvements, as well as constant updates.
Screenshots are compressed.
Enjoy your game!

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