Sawed-off • Ritual

1 757 0 09/28/2021, 19:29
Today I greet you with an extremely unusual model) Emphasis on realism, extremely detailed texture, overall extremely gloomy style, which is inspired by Lovecraft's works, chic normal, suitable and soft sheen. This model creates an indescribable atmosphere during the game.

• Inspection animation, original animations, cool position, CS GO sounds.
• Creepy skin, texture in 2k resolution and high quality, suitable gloss.
• We'll add smoke and a flash to the common jokes, and also made a normal one for the effect.
• The model is not adapted for all versions, since there is a ClientMod*
• Obersturm Arms installed.

• Port model - ferriscsspou & Kudi.
• Skin author - Kostroman.
• Port skin, arms, shine & other - Baron Samadi.

*Clientmod - modified version of CSS V34 , which will allow you to install models of new versions, new and complete shaders, a lot of graphic and technical improvements, as well as constant updates.
Screenshots are compressed.
Enjoy your game!

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