[CODOL] M4A1 Tech for CSS v92+

12 460 0 06/15/2023, 12:53

Hi all! I hope they didn't forget about me, because I was absent for a long time and did not post the weapon models that you like so much on this site. And now I present to your attention a model from the game Call of Duty Online: M4a1 Tech for the game Counter-strike: Source.

This skin pack for this M4a1 Tech model contains about 25 skins. Made a combination of Skin gloves. Gloves of different types will not be bad to complement each other in the game itself.

This weapon model has inspection. You can turn on the inspection if you hold down the R key. Installation is simple: take any model from the M4a1 Tech pack and drop it into the Custom folder. Everything is very simple.

Work on version 34 of CSS is not guaranteed.

I hope you enjoy this pack and write your comment. Good luck in the game itself and, of course, in the installation.

Skin list:

  • M4A1 Arctic Camo
  • M4A1 Aristocratic
  • M4A1 Camo Gray
  • M4A1 Candy Cane
  • M4A1 Christmas Present
  • M4A1 Crab Camo
  • M4A1 Desert Camo
  • M4A1 Digital Desert Camo
  • M4A1 Dirt Snow
  • M4A1 Doodle
  • M4A1 Forest Leaf
  • M4A1 Ghosts
  • M4A1 Grafitti
  • M4A1 Japan Letters
  • M4A1 Jungle Leash
  • M4A1 Machine
  • M4A1 Mainframe
  • M4A1 Ocean Camo
  • M4A1 Red Camo
  • M4A1 Snake Skin
  • M4A1 Tactical Bunny
  • M4A1 Tech pinkish
  • M4A1 Tech Slaughter
  • M4A1 Tech Violet
  • M4A1 Whiteout

Credits: Mr.Who, Valve,Activision Shanghai, Treyarch, Sledgehammer Games, HalfLifeZM,x F R 3 N Z Y M O V x.

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