CZ-75 Auto Satin Spar

1 342 0 10/17/2021, 19:38
Extremely interesting model, very different from what we are used to. Here there is an emphasis on realism in a non-canonical style. There is no emphasis on militarism or futurism, but on a completely different part of reality - construction. We see a granite stone, and a frame is visible under it. Damn beautiful and unusual model, as for me, there is something extraordinary and crazy in such an idea.

• Inspection animation, original animations, comfortable position, CS GO sounds.
• Unusual skin, texture in 2k resolution and excellent quality, suitable gloss.
• Let's add normal, flash and smoke to the common jokes.
• The model is not adapted for all versions, as there is a ClientMod*
• Replaces p228.
• Athletic Arms installed.

• Port model - Daimon.
• Skin author - G-99Factory.
• Port skin, arms, shine, many changes & other - Baron Samadi.

*Clientmod - a modified version of CSS V34, which will allow you to install models of new versions, new and complete shaders, a lot of graphic and technical improvements, as well as constant updates.
Screenshots are compressed.
Enjoy your game!

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