Kilowatt Case | CS2 Case for CS:S

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Well, I’m writing this here again, you yourself know under what file) Years go by, and cases from Vlad and I are still our eternal tradition: 3 This is already the 15th joint case with 1NSOMNIA, for which I am incredibly grateful to him!!!

Yes, I won’t lie, this time it was the most difficult case in history, because many problems arose along the way, and some still remain at the release stage... It’s trite, the method of pulling out 2k textures was not even known from a new case. But we successfully dealt with this and are happy to present 15 out of 17 juicy skins (more on that below) that are ready for your game in CS:S.

Now about the difficulties and features of this port from CS2 to CS:S:
- There is no normal port of the AWP texture set (maybe someone will deign to come down from heaven and port this miracle for the people).
- Zeus, of course, we didn’t add it because it doesn’t make sense in CS:S.
- There are no normals on the textures, the method for getting them out is still unknown.
- Models are currently only available in this configuration (special thanks to the PRO100 PLAYER for this!)
- The very port of these amazing models was made by the following legends: x F R 3 N Z Y M O V x and Stomatolog

CS:GO MOD 2021 by Tsvetik:D & 1NSOMNIA - Link.

Enjoy the game gentlemen:3

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    ERICK   00:03, 03/15/2024
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    catgamer188   01:48, 03/15/2024
    Quote: ERICK

    Bro how???

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    Elias Carrillo   06:23, 03/18/2024

    no virus my friends XD

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    sinister issac   16:34, 03/29/2024

    Bro usp and ak 47 not working,Making game crash