de_inferno_csgo_cssold for CSS v34-92+ (by QPCM)

17 500 2 10/03/2022, 22:38

❗A very big work has been done so that this map can be launched in our beautiful game. I will not comb through what and how it is done in it, because you will not understand anything at all, by its appearance everything is clear.

Mode:⚡Bomb defusal
Players: 💤 16x16
Works: 💣 CSS v34 (v91+), CM 3.0
Weight ✅: Reduced to 122MB

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    V34 User   09:37, 10/10/2022


    Please Port one of these maps:

    de_subzero to v34

    de_frost_csgo to v34

    de_marquis to v34

    de_favela to v34

    cs_outpost to v34

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    ExR   18:55, 10/21/2022

    Recreate dust2 like this I started it but I'm lazy