Spray Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul for CSS

11 740 0 11/18/2022, 20:37

A small pack of "5" Kaneki Ken sprays from the anime "Tokyo Ghoul" for Counter Strike: Source.
>Kaneki Ken is the protagonist of the manga and anime Tokyo Ghoul. Prior to the events of the series, Kaneki was an ordinary first-year student. As a result of a tragedy at a construction site, in which Ken was involved, he ends up in a hospital, where he is saved from death by organ transplantation of the deceased Rize Kamishiro. However, the operation had horrific consequences unexpected for Kaneki: he becomes a hybrid of a human and a ghoul.
Decided to make some Kaneki Ken sprays, why not...
If someone has suggestions for sprays, add me to Discord (there is a discord in the profile) ... I will be glad to listen and start making sprays from pictures that you can throw off.

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