M4 SopMod II sprays from Girls Frontline for CSS.

18 863 0 07/08/2022, 14:01

Pack of "10" M4 SopMod II sprays from Girls Frontline for Counter Strike: Source.
>M4 SOPMOD II prefers to be called “SOP-II” because she finds her full name too long. She is cheerful and determined, loves to fight and be with friends. She is a self-proclaimed sadist with an unstoppable desire to torture and collect body parts from her enemies. She is primarily motivated to protect her friends and punish the "villains". She is easily lost in the heat of battle and is prone to burrowing too deep into enemy territory, and in some circumstances can go on a violent rampage. M16A1 described her as "suicidal" on par with MG Negev, but also innocent and emotionally open with her team members outside of combat.

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