de_pripyat for CS 1.6

653 0 01/28/2023, 14:00

The map de_pripyat for CS 1.6 has a very exciting atmosphere, reminiscent of STALKER. The complete immersion in the abandoned city is facilitated by both the sound design and the set of textures and architecture. The howl of dogs, the creak of the swing and the crackle of the dosimeter are heard at the location.

The terrorist team spawns next to the bus. There are several paths to bomb plants. If you go to the left, you will have to go through the courtyard to the entrance, which leads to both bomb sites. If you go straight, you will come out to a long street, where you will meet with the CT team. Counter-Terrorists also have plenty of room for maneuver and ambush, both indoors and outdoors. You will have battles at all distances, so we recommend buying different weapons.

The main feature of this map is high quality bots that can move freely throughout the location, so it will be quite interesting to play offline! All thanks to the improved NAV file from Tigre11ify, thanks to which bots can reach both sites, walk up stairs and enter all apartments.

We guarantee this mod will 100% work on the game build from our site,
so we recommend to download cs 1.6 - identical to the Steam build and configured for comfortable gaming.

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