Red and blue player skins for css

275 449 0 04/12/2015, 12:27
I added a very useful pack of player models to our site, namely red-blue player skins for css. Thanks to these skins, it will become much more convenient for you to play: Firstly, because the skins are quite bright, and you will notice opponents at long distances or just be able to see someone behind cover up close. Secondly, any novelty introduced into Counter Strike Source at least improves your mood, and, accordingly, the number of your frags. Red-blue skins are especially needed for those who participate in Clan War (clan wars). Also, these skins are not prohibited and are not blocked by anti-cheats. Unless the well-known Zblock plugin can block skins. The red and blue player skins work great on new versions of css, namely css v84.

Installation: copy cstrike folder to Counter Strike Source folder with replacement.
If you want to return the standard player skins, then go to link

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