All player skins from cs go for css

93 799 0 07/30/2015, 15:54
I know very well how bored all the players (including me) are with the usual css player skins. Therefore, I decided to upload an absolutely complete pack of skins from cs go to the site. You can choose the skin of the terrorist and counter-terrorist teams that you like, or for realism, manually change the skins in accordance with the current map. The author of the characters - vad36 did his best, thanks to which all the skins look quite high quality and have the maximum similarity with the originals from cs go. Now I will write in detail about all the models.
CT team:
  • FBI
  • Seal Team 6
  • GIGN
  • IDF
  • SWAT
  • GSG-9
  • SAS
Team T:
  • Balkans?
  • Phoenix Collection
  • Separatists
  • Elite Crew
  • Professionals
  • Pirates
  • Anarchists
?The archive contains screenshots of each command.

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