AK 47 | Savanna Charred For CSS92+

3 579 2 11/23/2023, 17:54

Authors: Stomatolog,x X, F, R, 3, N, Z, Y, M, O. V, x,Farex,Mr.Who,Valve.

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    Scall   17:46, 12/12/2023

    Could you make that same mod but without gloves because its very weird if you have driffent gloves on diffrent weapons😁

    1. avatar
      Mexor   13:41, 12/13/2023

      Guy, please stop complaining about this kind of nonsense. It looks very strange from the outside. The authors are trying their best, putting in a lot of effort, and you are trying to offend them with your comment, or to gain benefit for yourself...

      If you really want to communicate that something is wrong and so on, it is better to do it constructively. And you can also change what you want yourself, since this has long been possible.