AWP Disco Tech for CSS v34-91+

15 770 0 02/01/2022, 19:46

NB! : on the 34th version of the game, the model works but the glitter does not work (the holographic effect itself) •
AWP Disco Tech from "Workshop Steam" with agent's sleeves Sir Bloody Loudmouth Darryl | The Professionals •
Authors : •
Awp skin author - hexeth; x
Awp skin port - n3XY___1337; x
Port of sleeves\texture of sleeves - n3XY___1337; x
Glove model port - n3XY___1337; x
Texture of gloves - community smash; x
Awp Model - community smash; x
Glitter - n3XY___1337; x
The weapon has a world model, sounds from «CS:GO», and an inspection animation.

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