Desert Eagle Graphite for CSS v34-92+

7 807 0 09/25/2022, 09:34

Good day, lately I have had a lot of orders for weapon models and I decided to upload some custom models for you, I hope you like them.
I myself do not deal with model ports or models glitter, people who helped me with the models will be listed below so that you can know who worked on custom models.
The first model that will be submitted by me is the Desert Eagle | Underground Heat new name for Deagle Graphite.
Paranoia wanted to upload this skin but after showing the preview simply disappeared.

  • Author - Paranoia
  • Model - Hidari
  • Hand port - Stomatolog
  • Adaptation for CS:S v34 - Kudi
  • Work on the shine of hands and gloves - Farex
  • World model included
  • Moto Gloves Blood Pressure - ✓
  • Skybox - mr.who
  • The model is tested both in single-user mode and multiplayer mode.

If you really like this model, you can rate it with the thank the author button, although I am not the author of this model.

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