DLC for Orange Loadout with Tiger Strike Gloves for CS:S v34-92+

11 438 0 06/23/2023, 08:31

This pack contains all the other weapon models from CS:GO that are not included in the main inventory with Specialist Gloves Tiger Strike. You can choose any skin you like and install it in your Counter-Strike: Source.

  • CZ75 Nitro [Five-Seven]
  • CZ75 Tigris [P228]
  • Dual Berettas Demolition
  • M4A4 Hellfire
  • M4A4 Radiation Hazard
  • M9 Bayonet Tiger Tooth
  • MAG-7 Core Breach [M3]
  • MP7 Orange Peel
  • P2000 Imperial Dragon [P228]
  • P2000 Scorpion [USP]
  • PP-Bizon Runic [P90]
  • R8 Revolver Skull Crusher [Desert Eagle]
  • Sawed-Off Origami [M3]
  • Tec-9 Safety Net [Five-Seven/P228]

I want to draw your attention to the fact that you can turn off the inspection animation on most models. To do this, after installing the skin itself, you need to replace its models folder. You can find such a folder in "#Remove Inspect Animation" by selecting the appropriate weapon.

Credits: Daimon, INSOMNIA, Ferris4227.

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