DLC for Green Loadout with Hedge Maze Gloves for CS:S v34-92+

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We are posting a weapon add-on for the Green inventory with Sport Gloves Hedge Maze for Counter-Strike: Source of any versions. It includes beautiful skins in 2K quality, which can be installed on top of the pack itself or just separately.

  • CZ75 Eco [Five-Seven]
  • CZ75 Emerald [P228]
  • Dual Berettas Cobra Strike
  • M4A4 Poseidon
  • M9 Bayonet Gamma Doppler Emerald
  • MAG-7 Counter Terrace [M3]
  • MP7 Impire
  • Negev Palm
  • P2000 Nuclear Threat [P228]
  • P2000 Turf [USP]
  • PP-Bizon Fuel Rod [P90]
  • R8 Revolver Survivalist [Desert Eagle]
  • Sawed-Off Morris [M3]
  • Tec-9 Bamboo Forest [P228]
  • Tec-9 Bamboozle [Five-Seven]

I am attaching the installation guide for CSS v34, as well as for all the other versions.

For 10 models, you can turn off the inspection animation, for this you need to unpack the corresponding skin from the #Remove Inspect Animation folder (first install the weapon itself, and then its version without inspect).

Credits: Daimon, Th3Notoriouscss, Ferris4227.

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