Counter-Strike: Source for Android | v1.08 APK + Data (Full version)

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Here is the original port of Counter-Strike: Source for mobile phones! The game can only be installed on Android devices. You can play both with bots and on online servers.

System requirements

CPU: Snapdragon 660 or better

Android version: 4.3+


How to install Counter-Strike Source on Android?​

  1. Download two .apk files - Source Engine and CSS. Install them but don't run them.
  2. Download the game data (cache)
  3. Install RAR or Solid Explorer (through it you will need to unpack the archive with the game into the Android folder - it is important exactly there, not in obb, not in download, etc.)
  4. Create a srceng folder in your Android root folder.
  5. Using the RAR or Solid Explorer, unpack the Counter-Strike: Source folder into srceng
  6. After that, check the path, it should look something like this storage > emulated > Android > srceng > Counter Strike: Source
  7. Open the Source Engine and click on "Specify Path", then find the screng folder and select it, then click on the "Specify this path" button. Close the application (do not click start).
  8. Open the Counter-Strike: Source app and click the "Launch" button.

P.S. Do not install the game on a memory card, only on the internal memory of the device!

The first time you run it, you will most likely have a low screen resolution. To change it, you will need to go to Options - Video, and there select the resolution you need from the list (preferably from 1200, depending on the power of the phone).

Download APK (Source Engline)

Download APK (CS: Source)

Download Game Data

How to install skins/models?

Mobile CS: Source is based on the latest version from Steam, i.e. v92 (6630498), so installing mods is no different from the PC version, plus all models will work for you, as on the PC!

We recommend that you take a look at this guide. In short, you need to open this path /screng/cstrike/custom, create a folder for a specific skin, and put the materials, models, scripts, sound folders from the downloaded archive into it.

Let's say you downloaded AWP and M4A1, after installation you should get something like this:



How to increase FPS?

To optimize for weak devices, we can use the following console commands:

  • mp_decals 0 Disable decals (bullet marks, blood, etc.)
  • cl_smooth 0 Remove anti-aliasing.
  • r_lod 0 — Reduce player detail at a distance.
  • cl_ejectbrass 0 — Disable shells.
  • mat_picmip 1 Lower texture quality.
  • r_modellodscale 0.1 Lower the quality of the models.
  • r_shadows 0 Remove all shadows.
  • r_3dsky 0 Turn off the skybox around the map.
  • r_dynamic 0 — Disable dynamic shot flash reflections.

How to change control buttons?

1. Click at the gear wheel icon

2. Move the buttons as you like. It is possible to adjust the size (hold down the button with one finger, and edit the size with the other finger on the other side of the screen), and click on the arrow in the lower left corner.

This completes the setup. It remains only to open the main menu and click "disconnect". Then exit the application, and go back, the settings will be saved.

You can also hide unwanted buttons with the "backpack" button:

Customized control buttons

We found a ready-made button setup for you by 18woldemar. You can download it by the link. Extract to cstrike/cfg folder.

CSS mobile port author

nillerusr -

Similar mods for CS:S

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    pei18765128679   15:25, 06/23/2023

    Hello,Kudi.I am your fan.Can you make P90 | Nostalgia and AUG | Arctic Wolf in 5462kb clarity?Thank you very much.

    Hello,Kudi.I am your fan.Can you make P90 | Nostalgia and AUG | Arctic Wolf in 5462kb clarity?Thank you very much.

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