Left hand fix for Counter Strike: Source

62 350 0 03/06/2016, 12:32

Almost every player faced a problem when, after installing a new gun model, some custom weapons suddenly became left-handed. By popular demand, I decided to write a guide called "left hand fix for Counter Strike: Source". I present to you the easiest way to change the hand to the right in CS: Source.

The first solution:

  • Suppose you have a Desert Eagle model in your left hand (for example, this one).
  • Open the cstrike/custom folder.
  • Find the folder where you have the Deagle model installed
  • Delete weapon_deagle.txt

If you have CS:S v34 ( patch), then you should search for weapon_deagle.txt in cstrike/scripts folder

The second solution:

  • Instead of removing the above-mentioned file, you should open it
  • Change the line that says "BuiltRightHanded" "#" to either 1 or 0, depending on its value (if ''0'' - set to ''1'', and vice-versa).

That's it! You have successfully fixed a left-handed model in Counter-Strike: Source. Similarly, you can do the same with other models. For example, if you have the AWP skin in the wrong hand, you should either delete or update weapon_awp.txt