AK-47 Phoenix Rework

4 030 0 02/08/2022, 09:10
Far from a new skin, but this is finally a competent rework. What makes him different? Texture quality, stylization changes, fixes of texture jambs, adequate color reproduction, skin relief and fiery shine.
By default, mark the original port of the model and custom hands.

• Inspection animation, original animations, cool position, CS GO sounds.
• Skin rework, texture in 2k resolution and high quality, fiery shine.
• Let's write down the smoke and the flash for common jokes, the normal is not required here.
• The model is not adapted for all versions, since there is a ClientMod*
• Athletic Arms installed.

• Port model - Daimon.
• Skin author - ???.
• Port skin, arms, shine & other - Kult.

*Clientmod is a modified version of CSS V34 that will allow you to install new versions of models, new and complete shaders, a lot of graphical and technical improvements, as well as constant updates.
Screenshots are compressed.
Enjoy your game!

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