Counter-Strike: Source Offensive v1.0

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What is CS: Source Offensive?
This is a mod for Counter-Strike: Source that turns the game into CS:GO, not only replacing weapon and player models, but also bringing a HUGE number of gameplay features, such as:
- CS:GO shooting mechanics;
- Panorama HUD replica;
- Option to choose any agent, knife, gloves in-game;
- Most of CS:GO game modes;
- Weapon inspection;
- Huge amount of maps (most don't even exist for CS:S!);
- Ironsights (AUG an SG 553)
- Playing as bots;
- Loadout system (HKP2000/USP-S, M4A4/M4A1-S, etc.);
- And lots of other things.

Discord server: click

WARNING: if you have the previous version (1.0) installed, download from the second link for a patch! If you don't have 1.0, download from the main link!

This update mainly brings changes to the engine and fixes of numerous bugs, both graphical and gameplay, and of course, more optimization!

- CS:GO particle system
- CS:GO precache system
- CS:GO decals and impact effects
- CS:GO demo UI
- CS:GO postprocessing (postprocess_controller, env_dof_controller)
  Use mat_postprocess_enable, mat_dof_enabled, mat_motion_blur_enabled to toggle
- New maps: Anubis, Blagai
- New shader: Lightmapped_4WayBlend
- Seven new music kits from one of the latest CS:GO updates
- New weapon script parameter: "InaccuracyJumpApex" (used only for Deagle) - determines weapon inaccuracy at the peak of a jump
- Rechargeable taser (mp_taser_recharge_time)
- Bodygroup preset support
- New console command: ff_damage_decoy_explosion - determines whether decoy explosions will deal damage to teammates
- Added value of 2 to sv_damage_print_enable - only print damage dealt in console on round end
- Players who turn too rapidly when defusing the bomb will now stop defusing the bomb (mp_c4_turning_fast_penalty)
- An undo button in crosshair settings (reverts back to whatever settings you had when you opened the menu)
- Radio menu (an equivalent to CS:GO chat wheel)
- An option to create crash dumps outside of Steam (-nosteamdumps launch param)

- Changed M4A1-S ammo count to match current CS:GO build (clip size: 20, reserve: 80)
- Upgraded code compile toolset to VS2015, which might affect people running VERY old versions of Windows
- Upgraded font renderer from default Windows font renderer to FreeType
  (custom fonts may use "oldrenderer" flag to use old renderer, see c4panel.res for an example)
- Updated loser money bonus behaviour to match CS:GO (added mp_consecutive_loss_max and mp_consecutive_loss_aversion commands)
- Money received in current round can now only be spent next round
- Bomb logic now runs every tick when it's being defused or close to exploding
- Tracers now fire starting from the first bullet, which makes them visible with sv_infinite_ammo 1
- Made viewmodel recoil work exactly like in CS:GO
- fov_cs_debug now accepts floating point values
- Player list header in scoreboard will now always render
  (previously it was only rendered if there were any players in-game for casual modes or any CT players in-game for regular modes)
- Death notice now uses SVG instead of fonts to render icons
- voice_enable 0 will no longer deinitialize voice codec, voice_system_enable is added instead
- Rate-limited commands can now only be fired once in 1.0 seconds instead of 0.3 seconds (for example: jointeam, joinclass, spectate)
- Slightly updated old and CT Jumpsuit agent icons (icons generated in CS:GO)
- More optimizations

- Fixed broken voting system
- Fixed enormously bright HDR (that only took me 2 years...)
- Fixed an issue which led to bot count parameter on server creation panel not working
- Fixed random in-game crashes related to particles
- Fixed random in-game crashes related to buy menu
- Fixed incorrect spectator list position in scoreboard
- Fixed an issue which led to server parameters on server creation panel not working on all languages except English
- Fixed broken texture inside 3D skybox on Vertigo
- Fixed an issue which led to weapon slot numbers not being visible on the HUD on non-16:9 resolutions
- Fixed incorrect notification text when unpausing the game
- Key 0 (slot 10) now works correctly in VGUI menus (such as radio menu)
- Fixed an issue which led to grenades disappearing from weapon panel even if player still carries them
- Single shell shotguns will no longer keep reloading after re-deploying them
- Fixed an issue which led to bots being unable to open doors with old models (aka on old CS:S maps)
- As a result of upgrading code compilers, in-game file open dialogs now support Windows symbolic links
- Fixed incorrect weapon name in buy menu for weapons that share the same slot (USP-S, M4A1-S, etc)
- Fixed missing deafen effect from flashbang
- Fixed graphical glitches on Character shader (aka on player models)
- Fixed incorrect skin (skin color) on glove models in buy menu and team/class menu
- Fixed incorrect material of breakable bottle machine on Office
- Discord RPC now correctly displays your current server IP
- func_nav_blocker now works correctly (bots won't be trying to get into blocked areas in Wingman anymore)
- Fixed incorrect size of several pipe models (known cases: Nuke, Shortnuke, Thrill)
- Per-map color correction now works (color_correction entity)

- Technical help:
- Testing:

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    megapopa   16:23, 07/13/2023
    извиняюсь за возсожно тупой вопрос. Игра вылетает после вступительного ролика без ошибок. Что делать?
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      megalodon228   08:15, 09/18/2023