Counter-Strike: Source Offensive v1.0

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What is CS: Source Offensive?
This is a mod for Counter-Strike: Source that turns the game into CS:GO, replacing not only weapon models and player skins, but also a HUGE number of mechanics, such as:
- CS:GO Shooting;
- Panorama UI Interface;
- Ability to choose any agent, knife, gloves right in the game;
- Many CS:GO game modes;
- Inspection of weapons;
- A huge number of maps (almost fifty!);
- AUG/SG aiming like in CS:GO;
- Ability to take control of bots;
- Ability to change your equipment (HKP2000/USP-S, M4A4/M4A1-S, etc.);
- And a huge number of other changes.

Source Offensive is out of beta! My long awaited update took two whole years, but that doesn't mean I'm still done with the mod, updates will keep coming!
Discord server: click

List of changes in version 1.0:

- VScripts
- CS:GO Sound system
- Music during the game
- Warm-up arenas on some maps
- New game modes: Demolition, Boom! Headshot!, Trigger Discipline
- New maps: de_basalt, de_tulip, de_thrill, cs_thunder, de_vertigo (old), cs_workout
- UI: redesigned buy menu (not radial anymore), redesigned team select menu, redesigned loading screen, redesigned scoreboard, StatTrak counter, bomb icon on spectator panel, weapon panel slot numbers, separate enemy radar icons (instead of team icons), agent in the main menu
- CS:GO bots chatter (bot_chatter_use_rr 1/0)
- Bots have random knives, gloves and agents (bot_loadout_random_knives, bot_loadout_random_gloves, bot_loadout_random_agents)
- New command: mp_solid_enemies - sets the ability to pass through enemies
- Vote to Surrender
- AE_WPN_HEALTHSHOT_INJECT (med syringe effect is applied before the animation ends)
- Smooth med syringe action (sv_health_approach_enabled)
- Console command: bot_ignore_players
- Console command: setpos_player
- Rewards for opponents suicide 
- For creators of addons: visual editor of weapon FOV (as on AUG, SG 553)

- Ported the full phong shader from the latest CS:GO version, which means that now there is mother-of-pearl support
- Removed the division into Wingman and Casual maps
- CT versions of agents in jumpsuits are now wearing armor and a helmet
- Spectators will now also drop money when switching sides at the end of a half match
- The system of game modes has been reworked, now they work almost like in CS:GO (gamemodes.txt)
- Bots will now wait until the player has finished speaking their radio message before replying to it (previously they would respond exactly 1 second after the player started playing the message, causing some messages to cut off)
- Weapon pickup sound will no longer play when taking control of a bot
- Hostages will now utter screams not only from damage
- Bots now know how to aim through the scope AUG and SG 553
- Maps *name*_go_old renamed to *name*_old_go and *name*_go_new renamed to *name*_go (example: de_dust2_go_new -> de_dust2_go; de_nuke_go_old -> de_nuke_old_go)
- Changed the screen overlay from the smoke grenade, now it looks like in CS:GO
- Increased bone limit to 256
- More optimizations

- Now the incorrect reload animation on the CZ75-Auto has been really fixed
- Fixed incorrect pulling animation for CZ75-Auto when no spare ammo left
- Fixed incorrect StatTrak model on some weapons
- Fixed tracers on silenced weapons
- You will no longer switch to the primary weapon picked up by the USE button if cl_autowepswitch is set to 0
- Fixed incorrect draw animation for weapons with a silencer (due to which the silencer was visible even when not attached)
- Fixed a rare case where the buy menu incorrectly displayed weapons
- Fixed an issue where autobuy didn't buy armor
- Fixed incorrect ventilation collision on Nuke
- Fixed an issue where night vision goggles could not be purchased
- C4 can no longer change to left hand
- Fixed incorrect size of the grenade icon on the HUD when holding it in your hands
- Fixed a bug where bots under the control of players did not receive a reward for the end of the round
- Fixed an issue that resulted in players not receiving initial money when starting overtime
- Fixed a rare case where the death bar was incorrectly displayed when committing suicide if the player died from the outside world
- Fixed an issue that caused the HP bar to reset color if you took control of a bot that was low on HP
- Fixed a bug when bots that were taken under control remained on the map for some time
- Finally, the bots have learned to aim at the head! (it turns out this is not a feature of CS:GO bots, it's just a bug that they haven't thought of fixing in almost 10 years!)
- Fixed incorrect view angle when you tried to reload a full magazine of a sniper rifle while in the scope
- Fixed the lack of click animation for some buttons in the main menu (in settings menu)
- Fixed incorrect C4 shadow when dropping it
- Fixed incorrect shadow color on Austria map
- Fixed inability to collect cubemaps
- Fixed broken lighting on the WeaponDecal shader

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- Testing:

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