Counter-Strike: Source Offensive v0.11

98 765 0 11/03/2021, 22:34
ATTENTION: if you have the previous version (0.10) installed, download from the link from the mirror so as not to download the whole mod again! If you don't have 0.10, download from the main link!

- New HUD
- New agents from the CS:GO operation "Predatory Waters"
- New maps: de_cache (new), de_inferno (old), cs_rush, cs_militia (old)
- New mode: All vs. All Deathmatch
- Random weapon hints in DM < br /> - Messages that you saved someone or someone saved you by killing the enemy
- Limited number of purchases of the same weapon per round
- Animated menu backgrounds (customizable through mod settings )
- Sounds for final round and last round
- Added support for custom surfaceprop (materials) for clip brushes
- Resizing static props in Hammer (uniformscale)
- mp_solid_teammates
- Ability to rename teams (mp_teamname_1/2)
- Borderless window mode in graphics settings
- Added model of night vision goggles to the purchase menu

- Changed CZ75-Auto entity name to match CS:GO (weapon_cz75 -> weapon_cz75a)
- Changed weapon stats to match current CS version: GO (Deagle: damage 68 -> 58, M4A1-S: damage 33 -> 38, Dual Berettas: cost $400 -> $300)
- Grenades can now be dropped (mp_drop_grenade_enable)
- Bomb explosion will now reward MVP instead of 3 frags
- StatTrak is now more like CS:GO:
if you buy a weapon with StatTrak enabled, it will be seen by all players who pick up this weapon;
also, if you pick up a weapon with someone else's StatTrak, you will see the message "error! user unknwn"
- Now the weapon in your hands should not go through walls
- Bot names translated

- Added missing Deagle inspection sound
- Fixed CZ75-Auto reload animation
- Fixed option "Position of live players counter": it is bigger not inverted
- HLMV: Fixed an ancient issue that caused the program to be unable to open some folders inside the VPK
- Fixed an issue that caused the world weapon model to not always display
- Fixed an incorrect animation of machine guns getting out when they had no ammo left
- Fixed incorrect door collision on de_shipped
- Fixed a bug due to which the message about joining a team appeared twice
- Fixed a bug due to which did not give weapons in Migratory Snipers
- The sound of taking fall damage will no longer play if the damage taken is < 1
- Fixed disabled spawnpoints on de_inferno_go_short and de_overpass_go_short maps
- Colors button ok in the buy menu will now update in real time
- Bink support is back
- Players will no longer be permanently stuck in grenades
- Fixed a bug due to which the intro was always played at maximum volume at startup
- Fixed a bug due to which the view model (hands in the first person) sometimes disappeared

Special thanks to: reg1oxen & DeadZoneGarry for general help, DeadZoneGarry & Lutzz & AMAR for testing
< br /> Discord server: poke

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