Gut Knife

3 999 0 09/19/2021, 22:57
I accidentally noticed that I have not published any skins for non-custom and old knives from CS GO for a very long time. So I will correct the situation, but for now I will start with a hook knife. I gravitate towards gloomy skins with a similar style and can't do anything about it) A gloomy idea and a wonderful combination of colors will present a chic realization of a gloomy vision. The toothy mouth and malevolent muzzle will make your enemies grow eyes in the back of their heads. This splendor is crowned with a normal and appropriate shine.

• Inspection animation, original animations, comfortable position, CS GO sounds.
• Gloomy skin, texture in 2k resolution and excellent quality, suitable gloss.
• Let's write down the normal to common jokes.
• The model is not adapted for all versions, since there is a ClientMod*
• Combat Arms installed.

• Port model-ferriscsspou.
• Skin author - BItmanZ21.
• Port skin, arms, shine & other - Baron Samadi.

*Clientmod is a modified version of CSS V34 that will allow you to install new versions of models, new and complete shaders, tons of graphical and technical improvements, as well as constant updates.
Screenshots are compressed.
Enjoy your game!

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