Reaper knife • Mech Warrior

4 972 0 09/09/2021, 00:34
It's been a long time since I uploaded any knives, let alone custom ones. In this material, you can see a large and respectable knife, which was ported a couple of months ago. I put bowie animations on this knife. By texture, you can see a bright, colorful texture that is stylized as futurism and mechanics. Pleasantly harmonizing colors, pleasant texture style and high quality, as well as the type of knife itself, will not leave you indifferent.

• Custom model, inspection animation, comfortable position, CS GO sounds.
• Colorful skin, texture in 2k resolution and excellent quality, metallic sheen.
• Let's write down the normal for common jokes, made for greater effect.
• The model is not adapted for all versions, since there is a ClientMod*
• CT ARMS GIGN installed.

• Skin author - syrusek.
• Port model & skin, shine, arms & other - Baron Samadi.

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