All Weapon Models From CS2 For CS:S v92+ Ver 2.0 For everyone!

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Hello to everyone who came to this site or download weapon models or maps. I would like to present to your attention such a modification as all weapon models from CS2 For CSS v92. What does this weapon pack include, and it includes 34 different types of firearms, you can choose something and put it in the game and play, thanks to this site you can download this pack only here and nowhere else I had never taken on the task of creating this pack of weapons for CSS before. It took a lot of effort and time to create this weapon pack, I hope you will appreciate my work that I did for you and of course for this site, and let's move on, of course, to those people who helped me make it, only thanks to them you can see this work only on this site.

Authors: Stomatolog - Made a port of all weapon models Made a port of all textures Texture resolution is 4096 x 4096 All textures were processed through the Substance Painter program You can see if you take 2 textures, one from my pack and the other the original without processing.
x X, F, R, 3, N, Z, Y, M, O. V, x - Helped in the creation of this weapon pack, worked with sounds and animations of new weapon models from CS2
Mr.Who - This person provided a map for screenshots, thanks to this person you can see beautiful screenshots from the pack
Valve - Developers and Creators
It seems that he indicated everyone who helped in the creation of this pack, without these people the CS2 pack For CSS92 Didn’t come out


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