How To Get All Achievements In CS:GO

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Achievements are rewards that a gamer receives for good results in the game. To unlock all the achievements in CS:GO, you need to try very hard and spend several hundred hours. But there is a faster and easier way to achieve these achievements - it's time to read the useful information about achievements in CS:GO.

What categories are achievements divided into?

First of all, it is worth understanding what categories of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive achievements exist. This is аbout:

  • Team Tactics.
  • Combat Skills.
  • Weapon Specialist.
  • Global Expertise.
  • Arsenal Mode.

A list of all achievements of this or that category can be studied directly in the game. We suggest you read about how to get the Achievements from each category.

Getting Achievements Manually

Достижения вручную

The most honest way is to get achievements without any help. You won't have to install any dubious software, but you'll have to be patient and spend a lot of time.

Here are the ways to get achievements in all categories.

Team Tactics

The easiest way to get achievements is to play a few hundred games with bots. To do this:

  • We create a game with bots.
  • We remain the only member of the team, and in the second add 10 bots. To do this in the console of the command, write: mp_autoteambalance 0 (to disable auto-balance), mp_limitteams 0 (to disable limit in the team), bot_kick (to kick excess bots), bot_add_ct 10 or bot_add_t 10 (to add bots for one side or the other), bot_knives_only 1 (all bots will only use knives).
  • Don't forget that for the achievements "Explosive Will" you need to play with at least one partner or the whole team if we are talking about "War of Attrition" and "Ghost Chase".
  • Read the description of the achievements and complete them.

The difficulty level of the bots must be at least "easy". Otherwise, you will not be credited with the Achievement.

Combat Skills

It is recommended to play against a large number of bots on the easy difficulty level to obtain achievements from this section quickly.

  • Achievements related to the number of kills are better performed in the "Arms Race".
  • The "Impenetrable" achievement is performed on the "Shrapnelproof and Defuse This Achievements" map, which can be found in the workshop. This is also where the "Defuse This Achievement" is performed.
  • To quickly fulfill the "King of the Macedonian Shooting" Achievement, type the console command bot_pistols_only 1 and play in classic mode against bots.
  • To get achievements related to kills in flight, download the "Achievement - Freefall" map from the workshop and play it.
  • Special emphasis should be placed on the "Road to Hell" achievement. To achieve it, start the "competitive" game mode, choose a large map, and spam 10 bots with knives to the opposite team. When they see you and start chasing, climb on some ledge and throw them a flash drive so they start stabbing each other.

Weapons Specialist

Специалист по оружию

Achievements from this category can be done without bots, playing at your pleasure. But to "deal" with this section as quickly as possible, add 10 bots to the opposing team in the "Arms Race" and start cutting them up.

Global Expertise

In this case, you need to win on popular cards such as Aztec, Dust, Office, and others. To do this:

  • We enter the map specified in the achievement.
  • We write the console command mp_restartgame 1; mp_roundtime_hostage01); mp_freezetime 0; mp_maxrounds 100.
  • Wait for the achievement to happen.

Thanks to the console command it will be possible to set the minimum round time, which will automatically defeat one of the sides.

Arsenal Mode

This section contains the most difficult achievements. To get some achievements quickly, download the map "Achievement: Demolition Mode / Piece Treaty" the workshop. Another option is to play an extended game in the "Arms Race".

The quick and dirty way

If you do not want to spend a lot of time on obtaining achievements, you can resort to an unfair way of using the Steam Achievement Manager program. Using it, you must not open the game – otherwise, there is a huge chance of getting a VAC ban. For scoring the achievements:

  • Download the software and unzip it.
  • Run SAM.Picker.exe.
  • Find CS:GO in the list.
  • Double click on the game and allow it to run.
  • Reset current achievements by clicking on the closed padlock icon.
  • Select all achievements.
  • Click the icon with an open lock to unlock all achievements.
  • Click on Store at the top right.

When Steam stops notifying you about the achievements, it means that the program has finished its work.

We advise you not to open all the achievements at once, as it will be immediately obvious that you have scored them (all received at the same time). It is better to open achievements gradually, several times, and in small portions.

Achievements maps in CS:GO

Some achievements are incredibly difficult to earn when playing standard maps. That's why players decided to create maps that allow them to quickly obtain certain Achievements:

  • Achieve_Clusterstruck to get "Clusterstruck".
  • Achievement - Bomb Plant [AFK-Support] for "Boomala Boomala".
  • Achievement_defuse for "The Hurt Blocker".
  • [Achievement] Hostages for "Cowboy Diplomacy".
  • Hostage Achievement Map for obtaining "SAR Czar".
  • [Achievement] Blood_money for "Blood Money".
  • Pistol Round Achievement for the "Piece Treaty".
  • [ACHIEVEMENT] All Weapons and Hostages Achievements for the "Combat Skills" group achievements.
  • Shrapnelproof and Defuse These Achievements.
  • Achievement - Freefall to obtain "Aerial Necrobatics".
  • Achievement The Road To Hell.
  • Achievement: Demolition Mode / Piece Treaty for obtaining the Achievement from the "Arsenal Mode" category.
  • Achievement: Target Secured.
  • [Achievement] Demolition for "King of the Kill" and "Cold Pizza Eater!"

Servers to get achievements in CS:GO

You can get all achievements on idle servers with bots, on which achievements are stuffed. To find them:

  • Launch the game.
  • Open the server browser.
  • Type "idle" in the search box.

So now you know about the easiest ways to get all the achievements in CS:GO. Stick to the above tips and soon you will become the owner of the cherished achievement.

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