GTA SA Cripz (CT) and Bloodz (T) player models pack (v34+)

4 126 3 05/01/2024, 04:43

Hello again! So I came across similar server-side models, and decided to port them to the client-side. It works on all versions of CS:Source. There was no fourth model in any of the teams, so only 3. I tested it, I didn't found any bugs.

Let me know if you find any error, or want to suggest something.
I do not assign myself the authorship of models, materials, etc..

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    twod1e   01:19, 05/02/2024
    very good models
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    CSS NOOB V92   12:50, 05/15/2024
    does it work on v92
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        15:27, 05/22/2024

      for sure