Black Inventory with Nocts Gloves for CS:S v34-92+

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We offer you to download the complete pack of black skins for Counter-Strike: Source (Android, PC, Steam, V34). Each weapon has Sport Gloves Nocts, w_models, shooting effects and textures in 2K quality with sheen. All sounds from CS:GO are also available. Full list of gun models:

  • Butterfly Knife Black Laminate
  • AK-47 Slate
  • AUG Wings
  • AWP Graphite
  • Desert Eagle Conspiracy
  • FAMAS Doomkitty
  • Five Seven Silver Quartz
  • G3SG1 Murky
  • Galil AR Black Sand
  • Glock-18 Ironwork [BS]
  • M4A1-S Dark Water
  • M249 O.S.I.P.R
  • MAC-10 Ultraviolet
  • MP5-SD Nitro
  • MP9 Dart
  • Nova Graphite
  • P90 Elite Build
  • P250 Dark Filigree
  • SCAR-20 Carbon Fiber
  • SG 553 Ultraviolet
  • SSG 08 Carbon Fiber
  • Tec-9 Cut Out
  • UMP-45 Carbon Fiber
  • USP-S Ticket to Hell
  • XM1014 Blue Tire

How to install?

  • V34 - copy materials, models, scripts, sound folders to cstrike
  • V91+/Android - move "Nocts Inventory" folder to custom

How to turn off the inspection animation?

  • V34 - extract the "Disable Inspect Animation" folder to cstrike
  • V91+/Android - extract the "Disable Inspect Animation" folder into the already installed "Nocts Inventory" folder

Credits: Daimon, Ferris4227, showcase by Emplexia.

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