DLC for Black Loadout with Nocts Gloves for CS:S v34-92+

12 049 0 06/30/2023, 17:13

This mini-pack contains all alternative skins and models for Black Inventory from CS:GO for Counter-Strike: Source of all versions. Sport Gloves Nocts have been added to each weapon. W_models (side view) are also available. Below you can find the full list of gun skins:

  • CZ75 Midnight Palm [Five-Seven]
  • CZ75 Tread Plate [P228]
  • CZ75 Tuxedo [P228]
  • Dual Berettas Elite 1.6
  • Karambit Black Laminate
  • M4A4 Desert Strike
  • MAG-7 Carbon Fiber [M3]
  • MP7 Armor Core
  • Negev Ultralight
  • P2000 Panther Camo [USP]
  • P2000 Pathfinder [P228]
  • PP-Bizon Lumen [P90]
  • R8 Revolver Night [Desert Eagle]
  • Sawed-Off Bamboo Shadow [M3]
  • Tec-9 Cut Out [Five-Seven/P228]

For 10 models, you can completely disable the inspection animation. To do this, you need to replace the original "models" folder of the selected skin with the "models" folder from "#Remove Inspect Animation".

Credits: Daimon, Ferris4227.

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