Counter-Strike: Source Offensive v0.10

44 420 0 08/21/2021, 00:44
ATTENTION: if you have the previous version (0.9) installed, download from the link from the mirror so as not to download the whole mod again! If you don't have 0.9, download from the main link!

- New mode: Arms race
- New shaders: "Character" (only with mat_dxlevel 95), "WeaponDecal" (only with mat_dxlevel 90 or higher), "CustomWeapon" (only with mat_dxlevel 95), "SplineRope"
- New player animations: redone old animations, capsular hitboxes, stair walking animation, animation bomb defuse, in short everything in CS:GO
- New maps: ar_baggage, ar_dizzy, ar_shoots, cs_motel, de_austria (complete and teammates)
- New command: sv_vote_kick_allow_other_team - allows servers to forbid voting for a player's kick from another command
- HLMV: Added "Materials" tab, through which you can change VMT parameters in real time
- Added camera animation to Tychkovy knives
- sv_rethrow_last_grenade
- Added checkbox to enable /disable bot_defer_to_human_items in server creation panel

- Changed the texture of the Bloodhound and motorcycle gloves
- Improved lighting of the model in the buy menu and the class selection menu (faction)
- Slightly changed the angle of the player model in the class selection menu (faction) )
- Improved progress bar rendering for health and armor (they are now more accurate)
- Improved phong shader, now it's much closer to CS:GO
- Added transparency support to UnlitTwoTexture shader
- The icons of old agents have been changed again, now they look almost like in CS:GO
- Static props will no longer be highlighted when shooting near them

- Restored missing tool-brushes (clips, optimization brushes) on Vertigo
- Fixed an issue that caused material proxies to disappear randomly
- Fixed an issue that caused static props to have incorrect lighting on older maps (such as standard CSS maps)
- The C4 explosion particle will no longer remain in the next round
- Players who lost the round due to running out of time and remained alive will no longer receive a cash reward
- The player model in the buy menu and the class selection (faction) menu will no longer twitch due to the fact that you run
- Doors will no longer disappear when shooting near them

Special thanks to: reg1oxen for help with Character shader, lolznoboz for bare hand world model, Jacker_Gamer for Chinese translation, DeadZoneGarry for help with debugging and testing, Lutzz & Stomatolog & hampta for help with testing

Known Issues:
- Hands silt and the legs of the player model can sometimes have a little convulsions
- The camera does not go down when planting a bomb like in CS:GO (how so!)
- The world weapon model does not always appear when the player spawns; change weapons to fix it

p.s. dislike if you also thought that instead of 0.10 it would be 1.0

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