Counter-Strike: Source Offensive v0.9

18 785 0 07/09/2021, 14:16
On this day, exactly a year ago, the very first public version of CS:SO was released, which did not get on this site (it was on ModDB), and therefore on this day I will present you another update :))
There is no patch for this version because I had to re-create the game archives, so they are smaller and take up a few GB less space, but now you can't just throw new files over the old version, you need to delete old files and then upload new ones

- Overtime (overtime)
- Breaks
- Tychkovye knives
- Agents from the Danger Zone
- Old gloves of the Elite Division
- New maps: de_train (old), de_season (new and old)
- Original (original, release) versions
- New mode: Migratory Snipers
- mp_starting_losses
- Support for different radar images depending on
- Ability to paint static props directly in Hammer ("rendercolor" parameter)
- Ability to change the position of the round time on the screen (top/bottom)
- Counter of live players and victories in each command on the screen
- Chinese (simplified) translation (Thank you Jacker_Gamer!)

- Minor main menu change
- Minor hood change (3 styles of HP/Armor counter, 2 styles of money counter)
- RCON server admins can now start voting disabled on the server
- Reworked icons of old agents
- Reworked glove icons
- More convenient game mode selection on the map selection page
- Color correction on DX8 (experimental)
- Improved player models to reduce the passage of gloves through the hand

- Restored the command to disable voting for the next map
- Kick and ban votes now work correctly but
- C4 will no longer be given in DM mode
- The color of the skin on the gloves will now match the skin color of the player model
- Now the animation of the weapon will play correctly after the end of the game
- Fixed fan axis on Assault
- Fixed texture issue near T respawn on Train

Special thanks to: hampta, Stomatolog, AMAR for help with testing

Known issues:
- Elite Division's old gloves sometimes go through bare hands

Mod's discord server: *poke*

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